Short on time?
Need an image in a hurry but either can’t get time on one of our confocals during the day or don’t have time to take them?
Automate your image collecting:   See Adeela to take advantage of the Zen “positions” feature to set up multiple locations to image Z-stacks or take snap shots on tile. This feature allows you to set as many positions as you need, set the first and last slice for the z-stack and walk away. All the images will be automatically saved, you can come back after all your images are complete or give permission to the next user to log you off so they can begin their imaging. This feature is available on both the LSM780 and LSM700 confocal.
We will be holding a workshop on this feature, along with other Zen features which streamline image acquisition, the second week of June.
You can also take advantage of our “Image Acquisition” service at a recharge rate of $30/hour (including consultation time).