Manager, Optical Biology Core Facility

Adeela Syed, Ph.D.

phone: 949-824-3856


4443 McGaugh Hall

Director, Optical Biology Core Facility

Rahul Warrior, PhD.

phone: 949-824-2597


OBC Advisory Committee members:

Dr. Scott Atwood (Department of Developmental & Cell Biology)

Dr. Michelle Digman (Department Biomedical Engineering/Co-Director of LFD)

Dr. Sunil Gandhi (Department of Neurobiology & Behavior)

Dr. Charlie Glabe (Department of Molecular Biology & Biochemistry)

Dr. Grant MacGregor (Department of Developmental & Cell Biology)

Dr. Ian Smith (Department of Neurobiology & Behavior)

Dr. Marquis Vawter (Department of Psychiatry, Director of Functional Genomics Laboratory)

Dr. Marian Waterman (Department of Microbiology & Molecular Genetics)

Dr. Jennifer Atwood (Manager of the Flow Cytometry  facility (FCF))

Dr. Mihaela Balu (Manager of the Laser Microbeam and Medical Program Facility (LAMMP))

For information on administrative issues please contact Andrea Wiley.