Dear OBC users,

I regretfully have to inform you that  we will close the OBC to all users as of 5:00 PM today through April 3 (14 days). Existing reservations will be cancelled for this period,

This suspension of services is to:

  1. ensure the health and safety of all users and their families.
  2. safeguard OBC personnel who would have to come in frequently  to avoid potential accidental damage to expensive equipment.
  3. comply with State, County and University directives (see Governor Newsome’s order below)
  4. protect the School and University from potential liability

We have cleared this decision with the Dean of BioSci, Assoc Dean for Research Brandon Gaut and Dev Cell Dept Chair Tom Schilling. We have also notified the Vice-Dean for Research, School of Medicine, Suzanne Sandmeyer. 

We will consider changes to the shut down as the situation develops, and will modify its duration depending on University, State and National policy. As always, we will try to be flexible in ensuring that everyone is safe and can get their research done. Please email Adeela and me if you have any questions or if we can help in any way.

Data for confocal users should be accessible on the server.

Light sheet data will need to be transferred manually.

With regards to data processing, both Imaris and Arivis workstations are available for use via TeamViewer only. Contact Adeela for login instructions.

Stay safe – and hopefully see you in the OBC soon,

Rahul & Adeela

The Optical Biology Center is a Shared Resource Facility to provide researchers access to resources, including state of the art instrumentation and technical support, to conduct biomedical research.

Confocals: Zeiss LSM780, LSM700, Leica Sp8

Light-sheet: Zeiss Z1 (Cover image of whole mouse brain expressing Thy1-EGFP, ChAT-tdTomato and imaged on the Z1 lightsheet, is courtesy Ricardo Azevedo, MSTP and Professor Sunil Gandhi, PhD)

Software: Imaris 3D/4D, Arivis Vision 4D, Volocity, Huygens SVI

For training contact Dr. Adeela Syed at


Adeela Syed PhD, OBC Manager

Hours: ~9:30am to 4:00pm and by appt.

You can contact Adeela via email (, or phone (949-824-3856)

Rahul Warrior PhD, OBC Director