The Optical Biology Center is a Shared Resource Facility to provide researchers access to resources, including state of the art instrumentation and technical support, to conduct biomedical research.

For training contact Dr. Adeela Syed at

Confocals, Lightsheet, Imaris, Arivis and Volocity can be reserved from our Google Calendar



Adeela Syed, OBC Manager

Hours: ~9:30am to 3:30pm and by appt.

You can contact Adeela via email, text, or phone (949-824-3856 (OBC) or 949-285-0552 (cell) if you need immediate assistance.


Recharge rates for Optical Biology Core facilities »

The optical Biology core facility has 3 confocals (LSM780, LSM700, Leica Sp8), and Zeiss Z1 Lightsheet  available for open use after proper training. For training and more information contact Adeela (

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What is new at the OBC »

ZEISS Z1 Lightsheet for live animal and whole tissue imaging! 

The new system has 4 laser lines (405nm, 488nm, 561nn, and 639nm), and multiple objectives to accommodate everyone’s needs! Contact Adeela for more information and training. 

Imaris, Arivis & Volocity Image analysis »

The OBC has a full license for Imaris 3D/4D Image Analysis, Arivis Vision 4D and, Volocity Image Analysis Software. Imaris and Arivis is only accessible from the dedicated workstation in the OBC, while Volocity can be remotely accessed from any computer. For tutorials on Imaris go here For more information on Volocity and on how to get access to the software click here>>