March 5, 2020:

We are happy to announce the next seminar and demo on Multiphoton & Functional Imaging hosted by Leica Micrsosystems.

Register at the link below for the

  • Lunch and Learn seminar: Monday, March 9th, 12pm in Nat Sci 1, 1114.
  • Hands-On Demonstration: March 9th – 19th 4th floor McGaugh hall

DIVE Multiphoton and FALCON Fast Lifetime Contrast

The TCS SP8 DIVE (Deep InVivo Explorer) is the first commercially available spectral detection system for multicolor, multiphoton imaging. You can combine multiple IR excitation sources for simultaneous fluorophore excitation and detection. Additionally, the LIGHTNING feature of the SP8 provides adaptive multicolor super-resolution for improved contrast and resolution down to 120 nm.

Leica SP8 FALCON (FAst Lifetime CONtrast) is an integrated FLIM solution on a confocal platform, integrating tunable pulsed White Light Laser excitation, spectral detection and fast photon counting Hybrid detectors. The synergies of some of these Leica-exclusive technologies delivers benchmark FLIM results at least 10x faster than conventional TCSPC systems.

The OBC has a new Zeiss Z1 Light sheet fluorescence microscope (also referred to SPIM, single plane illumination microscope). Go the Z1 tab to learn more, and contact Adeela Syed for training. 

Short on time but need to acquire your images right away?

Need an image in a hurry but either can’t get time on one of our confocals during the day or don’t have time to take them?  The OBC has two ways to help you get the images you need in hurry.

1.  Automate your image collecting:   Take advantage of the Zen “positions” feature to set up multiple locations to image Z-stacks or take snap shots on tile. This feature allows you to set as many positions as you need, set the first and last slice for the z-stack and walk away. All the images will be automatically saved, you can come back after all your images are complete or give permission to the next user to log you off so they can begin their imaging. This feature is available on all 2 systems confocals.  Contact Adeela to learn more about the “positions” feature along with other features Zen has to offer.